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Barely Here

Barely Here

 In this episode, I discuss the huge issue we face being distracted by our phones & laptops while with other people - being there, but not being engaged and present. I also provide a quick solution to get you on your way to limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are with you, but they’re not present.  They’re distracted with their phone or laptop.  Social media, emails, whatever.

I see it all around me, constantly.  A group of friends out to dinner, all face down looking at their phones. Even me, going on a hike with my wife and daughter and my wife asking us to stop every five minutes to snap a picture.

Being present, I mean truly present with someone sends a message that you care.  That they’re important enough to you that you’re prioritizing them over social media and text messages. 

Social media isn’t going anywhere in the next hour or two.  Pictures are fine – but you don’t need to capture every waking moment of your life.  Leave a little mystery – put a little lingerie on your life.

 Key Takeaways

 1. When you’re with someone – friends, family meetings with coworkers – be present.  Stop checking your phone or emails every 2 minutes.  Show them they are important.

2. Actively engage and listen to people you’re with.  It shows you care and it builds a better, more trusting relationship.

3. Experiment with cutting down your phone usage.  Start with 30 minutes or an hour less per day.  Try implementing a “phone zone”” where you and your family put your phones after 7 or 8 pm at night, whatever works for you.