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9 ways to be more present in your life

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About a year ago, at dinner and saw six friends at dinner table, all on phone

Look around and see it everywhere

  • Parents with kids

  • Friends out shopping, out to eat or at the beach

  • At meetings – people on phones and laptops answering emails

 My experience

  • Hiking, Biking, etc. – taking pics

  • Meetings at the office


A recent study by has revealed that the average person spends 90 mins a day on their phone. That figure may not sound like a lot but that amounts up to 23 days a year and 3.9 years of the average person's life is spent staring at their phone screen

Those between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones most often, with an average of 74 checks per day. Americans in the 25-34 age bracket look at their devices 50 times per day, and those between 35 and 44 do so 35 times each day

When it comes to extreme averages, teenagers take the prize. Their daily average time spent on social media is nine hours a day. That's longer than most people spend sleeping or in school.

Not being present:

  • Sends a message to others that they are just not that important

  • Means you’re not fully engaged in the experience / memory you are creating

Taking pics and sharing – some moments are just better left to be remembered by your mind, life has become over shared

Some ways to be more present in your life:

  • Live in the moment, enjoy the time you are spending with whoever you are with

  • Limit phone use

  • Don’t take laptops to meetings

  • Don’t be on your phone while with friends – occasional selfie is ok

  • No need to document every step of your life

  • Be a little more mysterious

Wife Natalie and I created a “no phone zone” – phones get put in a dish in living room at 8 pm – no social media, etc.

  • On date night, we bring a burner for emergencies, leave phones at home

  • We agree to work on laptops – but “work” for an hour before any TV

  • Put the phones down, Be “with” the people you’re with.

People appreciate it when you appreciate their time that they are giving you.

Try it, and you’ll start designing the life you want, and getting to done.

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