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The one question I asked myself daily that positively impacted my life

A few months ago I went on a diet.  I didn’t set out to lose weight by consuming less food, I wanted to consume the right food. I was working out a lot, but my body was struggling.  I wasn’t eating healthy. So, I took stock of what I was eating and started making small, incremental changes in the decisions I was making at every meal. As a result, I did lose weight, I started sleeping better, having better workouts and recovering faster, thinking more clearly and having more energy throughout my day.  I approached it incrementally so I could transform my eating habits in sustainable way. I wasn’t on a diet, this was my diet.

While I was going through the process, I started thinking about how good I was feeling – I was thinking more clearly and ultimately making better decisions throughout my day. That led me to start thinking about other things that I could change that would provide better fuel for my body and mind.  I came to Information.

Once I was on this train, I started noticing what information I was consuming daily.  Instagram, Facebook, Podcasts, TV, Radio, Books, etc..  I started breaking it down further and made note of what I was looking at, reading, watching or listening to in each of those mediums.  Not surprisingly, most of it (probably 75% of it) was crap.

So I tried an experiment.  As I was consuming information across any and all of these mediums, I asked myself one important question:

Is this adding value to my life?

If the answer was “no”, I found something else that would add value to my life. A documentary, a self-help book, a self-help or inspiring podcast, a good motivational or inspirational person on Instagram that I could learn something from.

Now, not all “crap” I was consuming was bad.  I argued (to myself), that “crap” serves a purpose sometimes, for entertainment.  We all need to “unplug” and let go once in a while, and The Real Housewives helps you do just that.

I started using the 80/20 rule for my Info Diet. The 80% is valuable, it’s educational. motivational or inspirational and the other 20% is purely for entertainment purposes.  Think of it as your “cheat day” on a regular diet.

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