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How To ACTUALLY Achieve The Goals You Set



Nothing is wrong with goals. The problem is that most people don’t either take the time to create them or if they do, they’re creating goals that won’t set them up for success. 

You have goals, lots of them. But you don’t necessarily have the time to work towards achieving all of them, or you work on one or two for a while and then lose interest, get unmotivated or intimated by what you’re about to take on. Or you just can’t seem to stay focused because something always seems to get in the way. 

This was me. For years and years, I was a serial starter, but not a serial finisher. I bounced around, working on a lot of things, but rarely working on the right things at the right time to stay consistent and focused on achieving my goals. 

Since I’ve bee spending a lot of time in Los Angeles these days, living out of hotels during the week, I joined LA Fitness so I could be consistent with my workouts while I’m here and a lot of the hotels around here don’t have gyms, oddly enough.  

As I was signing up after my tour (signing up for a gym is seriously as aggravating as buying a car at a dealership), I was asking the sales person when the best times to get a workout in would be.  He gave me some time slots where it’s less crowded, and then he added “almost anytime after April”.  That obviously caught my attention so I asked him “why?”.  He told me that gym memberships spike in January and fall way off by April.  I said “ ah, yeah. That makes sense”. 

It all starts with Goals. Working with hundreds of people over the years, I learned that this happens for a wide variety of reasons, but I can boil it down to three: 

1. People don’t take the time to create their goals.

2. People create Goals that are too big (They’re intimidating and ultimately cause a lack in motivation) 

3. People create Goals that aren’t clear (They’re too vague, which leads to wasting time on things that aren’t moving you forward). 

4. People don’t prioritize their goals which causes “waste”.  They lose focus on don’t work on the right things at the right time. 

So, to summarize, the four main reasons Entrepreneurs (and aspiring fitness models) struggle with accomplishing their goals are: 

  • They don’t create goals. 

  • They create goals that are too big. 

  • They create goals that are too vague. 

  • They don’t prioritize. 

 Start by creating clear, concise goals that are smaller. Something you can accomplish within a month.  Here’s a couple of examples: 

Bad Goal >>> Lose Weight 

Good Goal >>> I want to lose 2 pounds this month so I can fit in to my new jeans. 

 When you write your goal with purpose, it helps you keep aligned and serves as a constant reminder of why you’re doing it.  Keeping it specific and manageable helps you focus and makes it more achievable so you don’t lose motivation.  

Bad Goal >>> Write a Book 

Good Goal >>> I want to create the outline for my book this week so I can organize the content I’m going to write.

How can you start writing better goals for yourself?? 

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