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How I Shifted My Perspective In 60 Seconds


UnF*ck Your Life In 1 Minute 

Last week I woke up at 1 am from a deep sleep from stomach pains.  Less than a minute later, I was projectile vomiting and shivering. This continued, non-stop for the next few days. I was literally asking God to take me now.   

I was traveling, as I normally am during the week.  Stuck in my hotel room and alone.  I couldn’t do a damn thing.  No getting on the computer, no phone.  Just sleep, bathroom, repeat.   

Meanwhile, my wife was sick at home and my three year old was getting sick too. After I conjured up the will power to make the three hour drive home, I received some more bad news, then some more.   

I said to my wife, Fuck My Life!  And this thought pervaded my mind for the following week.  I lost my motivation, my ambition and the will power to keep grinding.   

Some of the bad news I received was a result of actions I had taken (or not taken), some of was well, just fucking life. I eat healthy, I workout regularly, I get enough rest and I have a comfortable  work/life balance. 

I was fed up with the traveling, and being away from my family all week, every week for almost two years now.  Couple this with being stuck in a hotel room, extremely sick and not able to get home for comfort and to comfort my family.   

This wasn’t the first time I was “stuck”.  Just a few months prior, as my dad lay in hospice during his last days, an extreme fire broke out in our little town of Santa Barbara.  I had to leave him in hospice and go home to help evacuate my family, which was mandatory by the city. 

That next afternoon, my father passed away. 

 Just a couple of weeks later, back in Los Angeles and away from my family, the town next door to us (just a mile away from our house) was struck in the middle of the night with a devastating mudslide.  The main way in and out of Santa Barbara was shut down for weeks. 

As always, I looked for the lesson amidst all this angst. And I believe I found it.  I read a quote not too long ago that goes something like this: 


“The problem is not the problem.  It’s your attitude towards the problem that’s the problem.” 


That shook me and resonated with me.  After I said to my wife ‘Fuck My Life!” on the phone, I quickly stopped myself from spiraling in to an eclipse of negative thoughts.  I quickly assessed all of the good things that are happening in my life – my family, my career, my flexibility in my schedule. The fact that I’m able to do what I am passionate about and have the ability to impact many people’s lives in a positive way every day. The fact that I’m capable of and improving myself and designing the life I truly want to live. 

I did a simple mind shift to focus on the good things.  To find reason and lessons from the bad.  The fact that I didn’t get that opportunity, well maybe I would have given up a lot of other things that are getting me even close, even faster towards my primary goals.  There’s a reason, probably more than one.  I think they did me a favor.  The universe gave me yet another sign and another lesson at the same time. 

A simple mind shift took me from Fuck My Life to I Love My Life. 

Chris Puglisi