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Comfortably Uncomfortable

Comfortably Uncomfortable

In this episode, I talk about being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Bad relationship, dead end job, financial status, weight. Why do we not take the steps to change and some small things you can do to start turning an uncomfortably comfortable situation in to a comfortably comfortable situation.


We all know the type. People that complain for days, weeks, months or even years about the same shit.  Hate their job, too overweight, bad relationship.  They complain constantly but never take any steps to fix it. We try to help them – give them advice, introduce them to great people, listen to them at ungodly hours of the night – time and time again.

There’s lots of reasons people don’t do what they have to change an uncomfortable situation and make it comfortable.  It could be they don’t feel they have the support they need from family or friends.  They’re afraid to take a risk or sometimes they just like being uncomfortable because they feel like that’s where they are most comfortable.  The victims.

 Key Takeaways

1.)   Sometimes despite all our efforts and support, some people will just never change.  Don’t spend any more time on it.  It’s draining you.

2.)   Probe and find out what the real issues holding someone back is.  Try and find a solution to help once you know what the root cause is.