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Getting To Done


"An Excellent Read and Practical Advice For Anyone" - Ron Darnell, P.h.D

"A MUST HAVE" - Daniel Cobian, MSK

"One of the Most Practical and Concise Goal Setting Books Out There" - Jonathon Lew

"Great Guide" - Lan Hai

"YES! I'm Getting There" - Kerry Puglisi, M.S.


Sprint your way to success with Getting to Done.  Do you have lots of great ideas but struggle to get everything done?

Is something always getting in the way? Something more important comes up?

Are you accomplishing all of your New Year’s resolutions? Ever look back and think “what happened?”

Getting to Done is a no fluff, actionable guide that will help you plan better, stay focused and work smarter to accomplish anything you want in your fast paced life that’s constantly changing.

Complete with exercises and templates, Getting to Done gives you everything you need to start accomplishing your goals and bringing your ideas to life right away.

Chris Puglisi knows the fast paced life that’s always changing. From technology and entertainment companies to coffee shops, he’s started and helped grow lots of businesses while writing a book, training for marathons, working full time jobs and supporting a family.

Now he coaches teams and individuals in Fortune 500 companies on a better way to do things, called “Agile”. It’s the new way the most innovative companies in the world are accomplishing their goals and getting better every day.

A step-by-step guide to accomplishing anything you want:

• Learn the techniques to plan, prioritize and “pivot” like the big guys and create a clear roadmap to bring all of your ideas to life and get to Done.

• You’ll have the tools you need to work smarter; always working on the right things at the right time and making progress on all of your goals frequently and consistently.

• Get better every day. Measure your progress using a simple system so you can quickly see where you can make adjustments to improve how you work so you can get even more done.