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Notables shares transformative ideas & conversations with interesting & inspiring people. Hosted by entrepreneur and Fortune 50 business coach Chris Puglisi 

EP 20: Kyle Griffin - Reaching Full Agility With The Diamond Agile Approach

Kyle Griffin is the creator of Diamond Agile - a new, multi-faceted approach for organizations to reach and measure true Enterprise Agility. 

EP 19: Stop Starting. Start Finishing

Multi-tasking doesn't lead to higher throughput, productivity or efficiency. Limit your work in progress (WIP), group work items by complexity and limit context switching. Start finishing what you have on your plate before starting new things and you'll get more done, faster.

EP 18: Eliana Georges - An Inspring 9 Year Old Girl Fights Brain Cancer & Chases The Magic of Life

Eliana is a gracious, inspiring, funny & care-free 9 year old girl. Whether she’s dancing on stage with musician, producer and music mogul Pharrell Williams, being a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, meeting Jimmy Kimmel at a red carpet event, where she was a special guest, appearing on countless television interviews, flamenco dancing or horseback riding, she is always swept up in the magic of the moment, her positive attitude and outlook on life is truly inspiring.

You would have no idea looking at her or talking to her what she’s been through. Eliana has been fighting for her life almost since the day she was born, starting with a stroke at the tender age of 4 ½ months which doctors determined was caused by a brain tumor. Though she had already faced a potentially fatal brain cancer before she was even half a year old, she had always kept up a positive attitude—and never stopped chasing the magic of life.

Talking with Eliana and soaking in her angelic spirit literally changed how I view people, relationships and experiences. Listen in to hear this brave, inspiring young girl.

EP 17: The Karate Kid, Shuhari & Mastering Your Craft

The 80's brought us some of the best movies ever made. Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Goonies, Stand By Me, Scarface -  the list goes on. But one in particular, The Karate Kid, taught an important approach to mastery that can be used for just about anything.

EP 16: Dr. Ron Darnell - Explicit Coordination, Artificial Intelligence and Getting a Ph.D.

Dr. Ron Darnell is a university professor focused on Organization Management who studied the impact of good explicit coordination practices on the success of organizations and projects. His journey to his Ph.D is both inspiring and educational.

EP 15: Start With Why: Think, Act & Communicate From The Inside Out

Ever wonder what sets the most influential people and companies apart from everyone else? It starts with "Why". Everyone knows what they're creating, and most know how to create it, but what's missing all too often is the why they're creating it.  Listen in to learn how to start thinking, acting and communicating like some of the most influential people and brands out there.

EP 14: Steve Stewart - Co-Founder, Vezt & Former Manager of Grammy-winning Stone Temple Pilots

Steve is the former personal manager of Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum alternative rock band Stone Temple Pilots, managing their career from their inception through their fifth major label release on Atlantic Records. Under Steve’s management, the band’s worldwide record sales exceeded 25 million records, generating more than $500 million in gross revenues.  Steve is now the co-founder of the highly disruptive mobile application Vezt, which enables music fans to invest money in their favorite artists and songwriters and financially participate in their success, while allowing artists to earn money from the music they work hard to create  - something that's never been done before.

EP 13: Steve McGee - Leadership & Innovation Coach

Steve McGee is an author, international speaker and leadership coach who helps established businesses implement the management practices that result in business agility. He’s worked with leaders in Japan, Silicon Valley and throughout the globe.  In this episode, we discuss corporate innovation, leadership, and a new, better way of working to enable companies to survive and thrive disruption.

EP 12: Gimme a F*ckin Break

Learn to rest, not quit. The hustle is addictive, but it can have a negative impact on your health and the future of whatever you're building. It's ok to take a break. Relax, regroup, reflect and get back to it

EP 11: Be an MVP

Whether you're working on yourself, a product or a service, start small, get feedback and continuously learn and iterate on your design. It's called an MVP, or a Minimal Viable Product. Learn how to incorporate the concept of an MVP in to your own life so you can ensure you're working on the rights things at the right time and creating the best version of yourself and your product or service

EP 10: Julian Rosen - Founder, Fearless Life Project

Julian Rosen is the founder of The Fearless Life Project, a movement to empower and enable entrepreneurs to build massively successful and impactful businesses by boldly reclaiming the passion, purpose and fulfillment they were seeking when they started. 

EP 9: Set Fear on Fire

Is FEAR holding you back from taking a chance or starting something new?
FEAR is a natural, healthy emotion that protects you at times, but when it overcomes your other emotions, it can be disabling, preventing you from moving forward, taking a chance, or starting something new. Let's kick FEAR'S ass and take control of it.

EP 8: Get It Together

Being an Entrepreneur takes commitment, sacrifice, perseverance and support. Surround yourself with people that get it. In this episode, I sit down with my wife Natalie and talk about our journey; Her unwavering support, the extreme perseverance she's displayed in reaching her own vision, and the transformation to becoming an Entrepreneur she's gone through in the process.

EP 7: I'm (not) Perfect

Is the desire to be perfect holding you back? In your business? In your life in general? When it comes to perfectionism vs. authenticity, I choose authenticity every time. Or so I thought. Listen in to learn how choosing perfectionism can hold you back and attract the wrong tribe.

EP 6: Unf*ck Your LIfe In 60 Seconds

Ever felt like sh*t is piling up on you and the universe is f*cking you? A simple shift in your thought pattern can change the way you emotionally react to life's curve balls and literally unf*ck your life.

EP 5: The "Being" Mindset

In this episode, I explore the differences between "being" and "doing" and explain the three core principles of the "Being" Mindset along with examples of things you can do to start adopting the "Being" mindset to help you continuously improve, adapt to change and accomplish your goals.

EP 4: The Truth About Goals

In this episode, I explain the fundamental issues with how we set goals and why we don't accomplish them and provide a quick and simple way to approach our goals so we can achieve anything we want.

EP 3: Barely Here

In this episode, I discuss the huge issue we face being distracted by our phones & laptops while with other people - being there, but not being engaged and present. I also provide a quick solution to get you on your way to limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone.

EP 2: Comfortably Uncomfortable

In this episode, I talk about being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. Bad relationship, dead end job, financial status, weight. Why do we not take the steps to change and some small things you can do to start turning an uncomfortably comfortable situation in to a comfortably comfortable situation.

EP 1: 86400 Seconds

In this episode, I debunk the myth of not having enough time to do the things that are most important to you and share ideas on how to repurpose the time you do have.