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The Being Mindset

The Being Mindset

In this episode, I explore the differences between "being" and "doing" and explain the three core principles of the "Being" Mindset along with examples of things you can do to start adopting the "Being" mindset to help you continuously improve, adapt to change and accomplish your goals.

I put everything that I do as an Entrepreneur in to two “buckets” – mindset & mechanics. Everyone can “do” just about anything with good instructions or the right tools.  What holds a lot of entrepreneurs back from accomplishing their goals is what I like to call the “being” mindset.

There’s a big difference between “being” and “doing”.  “Being” is how you define your goals, how you commit to them, how you adapt to change, how you work and how you constantly look for opportunities to improve.  “Doing” is the mechanics, or the tactical portion.

The “Being” mindset is a practice.  It’s a shift in the way you think. Adopting the mindset takes time, and practice.  It’s like golf – easy to learn, difficult to master.

There are three main components to the “being” mindset – Commit, Adapt & Learn.

Key Takeaways

 1.)   Always commit to yourself. Commit to a partner, family member or colleague. Someone. Making your commitment known makes you accountable.

2.)   Try welcoming change. It’s inevitable.  Adjust your plan and keep going. Stay the course.

3.)   People are built for perfection. Always look for opportunities to improve.  We all make mistakes.  Hold a “retrospective” every week or two.  Ask yourself what is working well for you and keep doing those things.  Ask yourself what isn’t working well and try something different. Experiment as you go.  Always be thinking about ways to get better – how you work, how you communicate, etc. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve.