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Unfuck Your Life In 60 Seconds

unfuck your life in 60 seconds

Ever felt like sh*t is piling up on you and the universe is f*cking you? A simple shift in your thought pattern can change the way you emotionally react to life's curve balls and literally unf*ck your life.


When times get tough, people have a tendency to adopt a “I’m a victim” mindset. One thing goes bad, or doesn’t go the way you would have hoped.  You put the work in, but it just doesn’t pan out. Then things stack up on you – you get sick, something else happens, etc.  It seems like everything and everyone is against you.

My reaction has always been “fuck this.  Fuck my life” “Why would it go well?” or “Why would it work out”?  It seemed like once I went down a path of negative thought, more bad things seemed to happen.

Then I looked closer at why these things were happening and how I was reacting to them.  I started looking at the good things that were happening in my life.

Maybe I lost a huge opportunity, got sick, lost several close relatives all at the same time.  I shifted my mindset to looking at all the positive things that were happening.  That maybe there’s a reason behind everything.  There all signs. Once I came to terms with this is just life, that the universe isn’t out to get me, but giving me signs instead.

 Key Takeaways

  1. Life happens.  Bad things happen.  But it’s how you react to those bad things and how you view them that makes the difference.

  2. Adopting a positive mindset towards bad things is a practice.  You can  start in under 60 seconds, but it’s important to keep practicing.

  3. Always look at things from the Universe’s perspective.  If you don’t get an opportunity that you worked hard for, there’s a reason.  Maybe you would have invested valuable resources in to it and it wouldn’t have worked out.